Upcoming Views on PD News

Greetings, fellow PSG members and friends. After closing out 2023 with a galvanizing gathering jointly held with our Parkinson’s Foundation partners, we’re looking ahead to a series of PSG-linked meetings and opportunities in 2024 as featured in the flyers below for your welcomed participation.

We’re also keen to highlight the recent pivotal position and viewpoint papers co-led by fellow PSG members, Tanya Simuni, Ken Marek, and Tony Lang, along with other global experts as they mark a potential watershed moment in our field. Recent insights into the biological markers and mediators of Parkinson’s disease have converged to warrant its reframing as posited by Simuni et al. 2024 and Höglinger et al. 2024 in a special issue of Lancet Neurology.

These biology-driven proposals to revise the classification and staging if not the definition of PD will be featured in two upcoming meetings below. Kathleen Poston and Tiago Mestre will square off in the lead-off friendly debate at our 10th annual CME event: Shaping the Management of Parkinson Disease: Debating Current Controversies & Discussing Recent Advances this June 8-9 in Bonita Springs (agenda available below) when they take a pro and con stance on, “It is time to redefine and rename Parkinson disease based on ⍺-synuclein.” A month earlier on May 5-7 in Boston, Tanya and Tony will discuss how reimagined staging and reclassification of PD enables emerging prevention trials in the 3rd Planning for Prevention of Parkinson’s conference.

Best wishes,

Hubert Fernandez, Executive Committee Co-Chair
Michael Schwarzschild, Executive Committee Chair
Joohi Jimenez-Shahed, Executive Committee Co-Chair Elect
Andrew Siderowf, Executive Committee Chair Elect