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There is no cost for PSG Investigators/Coordinators/Staff and PF Medical Directors/ Coordinators/Foundation Staff to attend the conference.

Industry will be charged $500 for registration before August 30 and $1,000 on or after August 30. Non-profits will be charged $500 for registration as well as any non-PSG/PF members.

You can book your hotel room through the room reservation portal here.

The deadline is Friday, October 25, 2024.

Almost all meetings are open to general attendees with the exception of those marked “Invite Only.”

Yes! All are welcome and we hope that you stop by to see what the working groups have been up to this year.

Anyone can APPLY to be a presenter, but the committee is looking for companies that have active PD research pipelines. Industry representatives must hold a position in research and development, not a sales role. The session is open to all to attend.

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