Featured Program

Part of the PSG’s mission is to support clinical research for Parkinson’s disease, which would not be possible without the support of the clinical research coordinators at our sites. The mentorship, support, education, and training of coordinators is something that the PSG is incredibly passionate about. For the third year in a row, the PSG will be hosting our Coordinator Workshop at our annual meeting in Nashville, TN. The workshop will take place on Thursday, December 5, from 12pm – 5pm. The goal of the workshop is to educate and train on the most current developments in the field, to network amongst piers, and to further commit to a career in PD research.

Junior Investigator Workshop
& Travel Grant

As part of the PSG’s mission, we strive to engage with and educate early-stage clinicians that are interested in a career in Parkinson’s research. This grant seeks to fund travel to support exploration of this through attendance at our annual conference and through training at our Junior Investigator Workshop. The PSG supports diversity and inclusion, and we hope that this grant will also help those that otherwise might not be able to attend. This year’s workshop will be held on Thursday, December 5 from 12pm – 5pm.

The PSG is thrilled to announce that we will be hosting our 2nd Women in Neurology Forum & Networking Reception as a part of our Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN. For those that were unable to attend last year, the idea behind these events is to support women in our organization through shared experiences, mentorship, and lively discussion on topics including equity and inclusion in the workplace, leadership, and career development amongst others.

The PSG PD Industry Forum will provide a platform for industry representatives to share updates on their research pipeline and discuss opportunities for potential collaboration. This year’s forum will be moderated by PSG Executive Committee Chair & Co-Chair, Dr. Andrew Siderowf and Dr. Joohi Jimenez-Shahed.

Working Group Meetings

After the success of last year’s working group meetings in Austin, TX, the PSG will once again make the working groups meetings open to all meeting attendees.

The PSG working groups are the heart of our organization. They enable collaborations among investigators with related interests in PD. Their primary goal is to generate proposals for new research studies, either interventional or observational, as well as retrospective data mining projects. They provide a forum for initial discussion and feedback on research projects and clinical trials.

PSG 35th Annual Symposium
Honoring Ira Shoulson & Stanley Fahn

This year will mark the 35th anniversary of the PSG symposium and due to that we have some exciting program updates! In year’s past the symposium was a block of time during 1-day of the meeting. This year, the symposium will transition into the over-arching theme for the conference with featured speakers each day. To commemorate this special anniversary, this year’s symposium will be dedicated to the PSG’s incredible founders, Dr. Ira Shoulson & Dr. Stanley Fahn.