The PSG has a well-developed research infrastructure and wide interdisciplinary membership across many institutions with diverse geographic locations and scientific strengths. Thus, the PSG, is uniquely poised to advance clinical research and a pivotal part of that is our working groups. The PSG has eight working groups with different areas of specialization in PD, which are listed below. If you are interested in becoming a member, please email the working group Chair & Co-Chair(s) via the links below.

Biomarkers Working Group

Liana Rosenthal, Chair

Paul Tuite, Co-Chair

Jamie Adams, Co-Chair

Motor Features Working Group

Tiago Mestre, Chair

Zoltan Mari, Co-Chair

Cognitive/Psychiatric Working Group

Gregory Pontone, Chair

Kelly Mills, Co-Chair

Roseanne Dobkin, Co-Chair

Functional Neurosurgical Working Group

Joohi Jimenez-Shahed, Chair

Mustafa Siddiqui, Co-Chair

James McInerney, Co-Chair 

Genetics & Environmental Risk Factors Working Group

Martha Nance, Chair

Roy Alcalay, Co-Chair

Thomas Tropea, Co-Chair

Health/Care Outcomes & Disparities Working Group

Allison Willis, Chair

Pinky Agarwal, Co-Chair

Other Non-Motor Features of PD Working Group

Leslie Cloud, Chair

David Shprecher, Co-Chair

Natividad Stover, Co-Chair

Atypical Parkinsonian Disorders Working Group

Anne-Marie Wills, Chair

Irene Litvan, Co-Chair

Alexander Pantelyat, Co-Chair