Improving Care & Driving Research

Nov 30 - Dec 3, 2023 - Austin, TX


Industry Roundtable

About the program

The Industry Roundtable will provide a forum for the Parkinson Study Group & the Parkinson’s Foundation, along with industry representatives, to share ideas and resources with the PD community. The goal of the Industry Roundtable is to foster positive engagement and ensure effective communication as industry and the PSG/PF collaborate on shared opportunities to support research and serve patients with Parkinson’s disease. The event will consist of a panel of 8-10 industry representatives with 2 key opinion leaders in the field serving as moderators. In order to participate, applications must be submitted online no later than Friday, September 30th, 2023

Benefits of the Industry Roundtable

Industry roundtable format

  • 1-minute to introduce themselves and their company
  • 3-minutes to discuss their current research pipeline and product development related to PD
  • 1-minute to address company’s potential engagement with the PSG
  • 3-minutes for audience Q&A following each “presentation”

Presentations will be given at a podium at the front of the room, with only one person on stage at a time. Moderators will kick off the Q&A and then open it up to the audience. Depending on the number of accepted applications, a full panel Q&A with all selected industry representatives will take place at the end of the event, time permitting.