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Abstract Submission Portal

Animal models/non-human studies or lab experiments.

Observational studies, case series, interesting case reports, and systematic reviews of pharmacological and non-pharmacological topics, including disease processes.

Interdisciplinary care models, clinic operations and services, quality improvement (QI), medications, treatments and therapies, PD disease stage and progression, motor symptoms, mental health and non-motor symptoms, cognition, hospital care, rehabilitation and exercise, palliative care, atypical parkinsonian disorders, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)/health equity, and health care outcomes and disparities.

Professional education and training to health care professionals (seminars, trainings, fellowships, internships, shadowing rotations, etc.), patient and care partner education (e.g., annual symposia, lunch and learn programs, educational classes, etc.), outreach programs that reach populations outside the center (support groups, mental health and wellness programs, exercise classes, other outreach activities or strategies), and patient engagement and patient advisory boards.

1Late-breaking abstracts may be defined as those that were not possible to submit earlier due to factors such as (1) incomplete data collection/study conclusion or (2) a novel or high-impact discovery from already collected data not realized in time to meet the original deadline.

The abstract submission portal closed for late breaking submissions on September 15, 2023.