Classification of PSG Credentialed Members


Upon notification of your fully approved credentialing status, you may immediately begin participating in any/all PSG trials/studies with the exception of non-treating investigators, who may only participate in observational studies, in non-pharmacological cognitive or behavioral trials, or as the primary rater investigator in an interventional trial (in which another SI is fully responsible for treatment and clinical management).


Upon notification of your provisional approval, you must email the PSG Administrative Director with the name of the “admin SI’ at your site who you will be mentoring/overseeing you on your first trial/study as a PSG investigator. Upon completion of your first study, your admin SI will be required to complete the Provisionally Approved SI Review Form, which will then be sent to the Administrative Director/Credentialing Committee. Pending satisfactory performance, your membership will then be changed to Fully Approved.


Upon notification of your “study-specific” approval, you will be able to participate in ONLY the study/trial specified on your credentialing letter. Your “study-specific” status in the PSG database will be end-dated upon the completion of that specific study/trial. Should you wish to participate in future PSG studies, you may re-apply for full approval by completing the credentialing application process again with updated documents.