As conducting clinical trials is a high priority at most major institutions, we, the clinical research staff (nurses, study coordinators and research study assistants) play an important and supportive role in clinical trial activities. We provide administrative assistance to investigators, are responsible for submission of regulatory documents to the Institutional Review Committees, handling and sometimes distributing investigational drugs and data collection/entry. However, the most important responsibility we all have, is to ensure that our study participants receive high quality, scrupulously monitored care while protecting their rights and improving their well being.

With all of the above in mind, I hope you will find the resources and tools on this website useful and will help you to enhance your commitment to clinical research, so it can be said “A Trial Well Done”!

Thank you!

Karen Williams, PSG Executive Member (Coordinator representative)

Education & Training

The Parkinson’s Foundation and Parkinson Study Group have partnered on patient engagement in research design and implementation for ten years. As part of this partnership, we are pleased to provide training resources for study coordinators.

Our first resource contains three videos:

Research Education
1. An introductory video to the research process
2. An overview of patient engagement in research
3. An introductory video to our patient engagement in research work

Stay tuned for more resources on how research is conducted. By the end of this year, the Parkinson’s Foundation will launch a free, open access, online course covering topics including information on ethics and informed consent, analyzing and interpreting research and recruiting representative populations into research.Patient Engagement in Research.

Learn more about the Parkinson’s Foundation’s patient engagement in research program here. Our methodology of patient engagement can be found here. Examples of our Research Advocacy program work on bringing in representative populations to research can be found here and here. To join our efforts, contact Karlin Schroeder, Associate Vice President, Community Engagement, or (646) 388-7641.