Nov 30 – Dec 3, 2023 – Austin, TX

  • + September 1 – Abstract Submission
  • + September 1 – Junior Investigator Workshop & Travel Grant Applications
  • + September 1 – PSG Coordinator Workshop Applications
  • + September 1 – Industry Science Forum Applications
  • + October 23 – Exhibitor/Sponsorship
  • + November 6 – Room Block Closes

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The PSG Mentoring Committee (MC) has three main roles.

1. To solicit, review, and select candidates to receive the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation supported mentored clinical research award. This is a major award in support of a project that is a practical training ground for individuals to acquire new skills and expertise in clinical research.

2. To serve as a resource for individuals who need assistance in formulating and developing protocols to the point where they are ready for review by the Scientific Review Committee.

3. To develop and organize innovative programs to promote interest in Parkinson’s disease research, facilitate the development of mentorship relationships, and increase awareness of resources within the PSG that can provide opportunities for initiating research efforts.