PSG Clinical Research Coordinator Visiting Mentorship Program (CVMP)

Applications open on February 1, 2024!

This is an initiative that focuses on the mentorship of new coordinators/sites that are committed to clinical research in the Parkinson arena. This program will help them evaluate where their skill set needs the most development and match them with a seasoned coordinator within that specific area of expertise.

While there are several trainings and resources that a new coordinator can utilize, there is no substitute for a personal mentor-mentee relationship. Institutional regulations vary greatly depending on the location and each coordinator/site has their own unique set of strengths and weaknesses. This program would help them evaluate where their skill set needs the most development and match them with a seasoned coordinator within that specific area of expertise. The mentor would develop a unique training program to hone the coordinators’ skill sets and develop systems to aid their site operationally. The mentorship program would take place over the course of a year through bi-monthly zoom calls, and an in-person visit to the mentee’s institution.

program overview:


Clinical Research Nurses & Coordinators at sites that are actively working with PD patients and are involved in clinical research, or hope to be, are invited to apply for this award. Your site does NOT need to be PSG credentialed. Coordinators are the backbone of all PSG studies, and this program is the PSG’s way of supporting PD research, our sites/future sites, and supporting all of those that make our mission possible.


Mentors for this program will be active PSG members who are established coordinators participating in PD research. They must be willing to travel to the mentee’s home institution. The Mentorship Committee will review all applications, choosing 4 coordinator mentee candidates. They will then find a mentor “match” amongst the roster of active PSG members.

Mentors will be chosen by the coordinator task force, so no need to apply.
Coordinator Mentee/Mentors will then:

1. Complete a mentee skills assessment ahead of time.

2. Arrange for travel to the mentee’s institution to meet the team and assess their site setup.

3. At the institution (depending on the institutional regulations) the mentor will shadow a study visit, help with monitoring, and meet the care team.

4. Mentor will provide initial feedback to the mentee, followed by a written report to the mentee, with a copy sent to the PSG Mentorship Committee and PSG Executive Director.

5. Mentees/mentors/sites will have bi-monthly Zoom calls to continue with training and provide feedback.

Words from PSG Visiting Mentorship Program Participants:

“It has been a huge opportunity to be part of this program. It has helped me immensely, and I have learned so much thanks to the incredible mentors I had. Grace and Raymond have not stopped supporting me, and sharing their knowledge with me.
We just started our clinical trial here in Calgary and having the mentorship helped me tremendously. The PI is delighted to tell everyone how well I am doing in the study as the PD clinical research coordinator. Really thank you very much.”
Carolina De la Rosa Jaimes,
University of Calgary