Motor Features of PD Working Group

Formed: 2007

Led by:  Zoltan Mari, MD, Chair | Leslie Cloud, MD, Co-Chair

The primary purpose of the Motor Features of PD Working Group is to generate proposals for new research studies, either interventional or observational, as well as retrospective data mining projects.

Each working group has a mandate statement that describes the goals of the working group, potential scope of working group activity, examples of ideas for projects, and procedures for member initiated proposals. A pre-proposal request form is provided to submit preliminary proposals/ideas to working groups to provide feedback and discussions that will help the investigator to improve the plan and potentially to prepare a more complete proposal for submission to the PSG Scientific Review Committee or for a submission to other funding agencies. Click on the links below to access the documents.

  1. Robert Hauser and Peggy Auinger. “Determination of Minimally Clinically Important Change in Early and Advanced PD”. This datamining project was funded by PSG/PDF and analyses have been completed on the TEMPO and PRESTO studies.

    Hauser RA, Auinger P. Determination of minimal clinically important change in early and advanced Parkinson’s disease. Mov Disord 2011;26(5): 813-818.

  2. This working group hosted the Fourth Annual Clifford W. Shults Symposium as part of the 25th Annual PSG Symposium on Friday, May 13, 2011. The theme was “Movement Disorders: Beyond the classic model of the basal ganglia”.

Want to get involved or have an idea for a project related to motor features of PD? Please contact Dr. Mari via email.

Click here to download the Mandate Statement.
Click here to download the Pre-Proposal Request Form.