Becoming a Member

PSG membership shall consist of five distinct but not mutually exclusive categories: 1) Credentialed Members, 2) Committee Members, 3) Working Group Members, 4) Coordinator Members, and 5) Associate Members.

1) Credentialed Members are individuals who have completed the PSG credentialing process and have been granted full approval, provisional approval, or study-specific approval.

2) Committee Members are individuals who have been actively serving on the Executive Committee (EC) or a standing committee or have served in previous years.

3) Working Group Members are individuals who have been actively participating in meetings, projects, and ongoing research of a working group.

4) Coordinator Members are individuals who work at a PSG credentialed site and are currently working or have previously worked on a PSG trial

5) Associate Members shall include: 1) consultants who are actively serving on standing, advisory, or monitoring committees, 2) professional staff at a coordination, biostatistical center, and at sites supporting active* PSG studies 3) investigators who received “study-specific” credentialing for active PSG studies, and 4) affiliates (including from foundations, government, and industry)

*Active PSG studies are those, for which 1) the primary manuscript has not yet been published, and 2) 2 years have not passed since the primary study completion date. Upon publication of the primary manuscript a study is then no longer considered “active.”

Voting Members shall include: Categories 1-4 as stated above

Credentialed members with study-specific approval, associate members, and working group members who are not fully credentialed are not eligible to vote.

Each voting member shall have one vote. Votes are not transferable and cannot be cast by proxy in instances when the presence of the voting member is required.


1) Credentialed Members – For information on how to become a credentialed member, please refer to our Credentialing tab

2) Committee Members – Committee members are selected or nominated by their peers to serve in these roles

3) Working Group Members – To become a member of a working group, please refer to our list of working groups listed on the site. Once you decide on a working group to join, email the chair or co-chair directly to request to be added to the group. They will then approve your membership and officially have you added to the roster.

4) Coordinator Members – Coordinators are can become members either by requesting to join via an email to the PSG Administrative Director or by working at a site that is participating in a PSG study

5) Associate Members – Associate members are added to the PSG database via the administrative team.

For additional information about PSG membership, please reach out to PSG Communication & Outreach Director, Donna Moszkowicz.