New Study Proposal Toolkit

updated 10.31.13


The identification of new research initiatives, the creation of innovative and unique research projects and the nurturing of new investigators and coordinators are the cornerstones of the Parkinson Study Group's collaborative efforts and are essential to our goal of advancing knowledge.


The Scientific Review Committee (SRC) will review all research proposals coming to the PSG. The Mentoring Committee (MC) reviews proposals submitted for the Mentored Clinical Research Award program.

The PSG encourages projects which include retrospective analyses of PSG clinical trial databases. We have compiled a list of all the PSG databases that are available. Please see PSG Database Inventory and PSG Data Sharing Resources for more information. More specific study-related information can be found on the Database Inventory Assessments Spreadsheet.  
Proposing investigators should review prior PSG studies to see if their question has already been addressed and explain why their project should go forward if it appears similar to another. Please see PSG Proposals approved/awarded for detailed information.

The documents below establish the procedures and assist with the planning for new study proposals to be evaluated, reviewed and considered for approval as formal Parkinson Study Group projects. The same documents are to be used when applying for the Mentored Clinical Research Award.

Procedures for Submission and Review of New Study Proposals (9 pages)
Example of a new proposal Word Version
Template of a new proposal Word Version

PSG Rationale, Review Criteria, Scoring System and Procedure for Rating and Selection of Research Proposals (4 pages)

Outline for Review of Proposals Submitted to the PSG (1 page)
Attachment 1 - Application Face Page (2 pages)
Attachment 2 - Example of Protocol Template
Template of Protocol Synopsis and Schedule of Activities - Word format
Attachment 3 - Checklist (1 page)
To review examples of projects that retrospectively analyzed PSG clinical trial databases, please see the following publications:




Below are two examples of successful mentored research award proposals:


For questions about the PSG New Study Proposal Toolkit, or for problems accessing the PDF files or hyperlinks, please email Roseanna Battista.


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